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Automated Systems

Our customers are appreciating fast payback by adding automation to existing manual systems. Repetitive operations such as dipping and point-to-point traversing lend themselves to various degrees of automation, which reduces manpower costs and improves quality control. Our experience, plus lower costs of programmable controls, make it feasible to automate projects that were once too expensive to do so.


Common Automation Applications

  • Sub-assemblies through assembly or paint lines
  • Foundry ladles from melting furnace, holding furnace, pouring area return empty
  • Glass batch material from source mixer return empty
  • Metal coils/plates from trucks storage process machinery
  • Components/fabrications from process machinery inspection, painting, shipping
  • Scrap from accumulation conveyor sorting bins, shipping
  • Paper rolls storage, production machine, or press return empty spool
  • Parts in baskets in dipping sequences for heat treating or chemical treating

Typical projects are “turn key” with engineering, drawings, equipment, support steel, field wiring, programming assistance, installation and start up. Our equipment can be controlled by existing process controllers or we can supply our own complete control system.