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Custom Forklift Fabrications

Bohl offers in-house: engineering, experience, fabrication, and testing to provide custom attachments for most sizes of forklifts. These custom attachments help our customers improve productivity and safety. They distinguish Bohl from the competition because they are in addition to the standard attachments readily available to most forklift dealers.

Bucket Haul

  • Steel dump bucket is attached to front of forklift in place of upright assembly
  • Bucket hauls 80 cubic ft. of foundry core sand in a limited space area
  • Similar Bohl units have been in continuous operation at a large automotive foundry for over 30 years
  • Less costly and more maneuverable compared to a front-end loader

Tipper Ram

  • Adjustable ram attachment replaces standard fork carriage
  • Long “ram” lifts bundles of steel tubing
  • Hydraulic powered side-shift helps stack bundles into rear of semi-trailers