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Customizable 2 & 4 Seater e-ride Vehicles

Useful in Mail Delivery, Meter Reading, Food Services & More

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The EXV2 is a two seat electric vehicle. The various optional features available for this model allow you to customize the EXV2 to fit your specific needs.

EXV2 Vehicle Specifications

The EXV4 is a four seat electric vehicle. This model is popular for personnel transportation, as it is both large and comfortable.

EXV4 Vehicle Specifications

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Both of these models have readly available automotive components and batteries. Numerous options are offered for each model and we are always adding more. One e-ride can replace a golf cart or gator plus a pick-up truck.

NEVs are great for:
  • Fire service
  • Food services
  • Home maintenance
  • Mail/package delivery
  • Meter reading
  • Order pickers
  • Personnel transportation
  • Refuse hauling
  • Security

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Fuel-Saving, Earth-Friendly Products

Think about the real savings in reduced gasoline usage and the increased productivity of your staff as you address green initiatives in your organization in a truly cost-saving manner! These vehicles offer numerous features that reduce their impact on the environment:

  • Regenerative braking
  • Reduced fleet size
  • Reduced green house gas emissions
  • No wasted fuel from idling between stops
E-Ride Vehicles
These American made vehicles feature:
  • Reinforced aluminum, fiberglass, molded composite construction
  • Safety features for drivers and occupants
  • Larger payload and more power than similar products
E-Ride Vehicles

We are excited to be your authorized dealer of the revolutionary e-ride battery powered utility vehicles for Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Eastern Illinois, Northern Kentucky, and Western Pennsylvania.